Saturday, October 22, 2005

Eternal moments of time

Traditional theologians believe that there are no sequential moments with God. He exists in a moment of NOW. In other terms, they rationalize that God has no potentiality to Him, that He is pure act, which is to say that He is static in His unchangeableness and in no way experience any sort of succession in moments. They effectively reduce God to some infinitely large and unmoving blob. Is God like that? Our God is not static, but dynamic. We should not think of God's immutability in the sense that He does not ever change or move. He is a thinking, acting, creating, electing, redeeming, atoning God. These require some passage of 'time' however it may be that God would experience it. If there were no potentiality with God, He could never do anything that He has not already done.

Now, I'm no open theist. God is not a learning new things and experiencing the future with the same degree of surprise as we do. That is just plain unbiblical. But, I'm sure there's room in our theology for a God that experiences time in some sense or another. There had to have been an interval between God deciding to create the world and God deciding to redeem it from its sin.

Let's slow down in our lofty thoughts about God before we make Him into a being that we can neither really know or relate with.

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