Thursday, August 31, 2006

Those who are elected unto salvation do not become un-elected
Those who are justified by faith do not be un-justified
Those found in Christ are never lost in Christ
No one can snatch them out of His hand

Eternal covenants are never broken
They never go assunder
They ought never go assunder

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Who am I ...
Who are we?
From the foundation of the world, before time began its circuit around the cosmic clock
We were imagined in the mind of God
Formed from the infinite recesses of His counsel


Chosen to be loved
Chosen to be saved
Chosen to be found in Christ
Planned beforehand to be plucked out of the darkness, the sewage

Did I have anything to offer Him?
Is there something found in me that deems me worthy?
Shall I not receive my just desserts and be cast into outer darkness, gnashing my teeth with the horde?

No. So, why?

nice try.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

perfect scars

Your form is glorious perfection embodied
Divine substance and flesh merged into one
Without separation or mixture
No other can be my representative
No one else can understand me more
and have the power to transform me from my deathly state

forever will your perfect form bear the scars
that you bore on the cross
forever will your brow be poked with holes
forever will your back be gashed by bone
forever will your hands and feet have a see-through spot

but even so


Perhaps one day our scars will no longer be memories of pain
maybe we'll show them off one day
maybe they too will be glorious and perfect.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I get older, but wonder if I've grown more mature.
On this journey called life, you look back and realize that you haven't gone very far
Though you've gone to many places, seen different things and met different people
There still remains that lingering void of dissatisfaction.
My head has grown bigger
My heart has shrunken and grown harder
Still so many things I have not done
Accolades I do not have
Never had a job, driver's license, girlfriend
Been a student my whole life. Been given a timetable and told where to stand.
This is the year of major life transition. Pivot point. The compass may point anywhere.
Major decisions to be made that will affect the course of my entire life.

Whoa Whoa Whoa ... take it easy man. It's just life. A breath.

Wait on the Lord
Be strong and take courage
And wait on the Lord.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Public Displays of Affection. Why do people do it? Why do couple kiss and hug while riding on the escalator, while one step down is we common folk who come up close to the action? Is the only time that people are together when they are in public, in full view of everyone?

Are they trying to make us jealous? Are they exhibitionists? I mean, let's admit it. Some of things people do in the park, on the train, at the movies are pretty "PG-13", know what I mean?

I suppose one of the benefits of being in a relationship is just that. You have the right to rub it in everyone's face. PDAs are a boundary marker that sets people off and creates exclusivity from the rest of society. It says, "This person is MINE."

I think this is something that God does too. Remember Jesus' baptism when the heavens rented open and the Father said to the people, "This is my BELOVED SON." Remember when He rescued Israel out of Egypt with an OUT STRETCHED arm, a column of fire and cloud, so that all the nations could see and melt with fear as they saw how God favoured the children of Israel.

Perhaps there's something to be said about loving someone, and not only showing them privately, but publicly.