Monday, August 14, 2006


I get older, but wonder if I've grown more mature.
On this journey called life, you look back and realize that you haven't gone very far
Though you've gone to many places, seen different things and met different people
There still remains that lingering void of dissatisfaction.
My head has grown bigger
My heart has shrunken and grown harder
Still so many things I have not done
Accolades I do not have
Never had a job, driver's license, girlfriend
Been a student my whole life. Been given a timetable and told where to stand.
This is the year of major life transition. Pivot point. The compass may point anywhere.
Major decisions to be made that will affect the course of my entire life.

Whoa Whoa Whoa ... take it easy man. It's just life. A breath.

Wait on the Lord
Be strong and take courage
And wait on the Lord.


mist331 said...

happy belated birthday.

mist331 said...

u were born on a thursday and
"thursday child has far to go".