Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Things First

When Jesus Christ calls a man, he does not first call him to "do" but to "be with" (Mark 3:13-14). We are called to be with him FIRST and to do something for him SECOND. He calls us to relationship, not task. Why? Because he is both the source and the purpose for whatever task we might perform.

The task is important, but without the person it means nothing. Martha cared only for the task which is why Jesus sighed her name. Mary chose what was better, or rather, she rightly discerned what was first in priority - Jesus.

The two must be balanced, but first things first. There comes a time when we gotta get the task done. Moses was on the mountain with God for 40 days. He could have easily spent another 40, but God commanded to go down and minister to the people who were corrupting themselves.

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mist331 said...

hi dennis
i agree with u abt making our relationship right with jesus is first and foremost important, in fact it should be ALL THE TIME. without this, doing things for him is meaningless. once relationship is right, service SHOULD be the natural response. however is there is no service or unwillingness to serve, the relationship is also questionable. what do you think?