Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If I could but from the pod emerge

Inter-faith Dialogue. Is that a game that Christianity can play? While religion and spirituality are in vogue, absolute claims to truth regarding ultimate reality are scorned with utmost intolerance (yes, it is ironic, come to think of it). It may seem obvious to state, but we are living in the age where the most number of people have been killed in the name of religion than ever before. Duh! We're coming to the threshold of capacity, the balloon is about to pop, and all the world is doing everything possible - even tweaking ideologies - so that more blood need be shed anymore. The world is trying as hard as ever to get along. The world is shrinking, cultures mixing, nations trading, people exploring and appreciating one another, while ideas are being exchanged and discussed.

But then there's Christianity, just as exclusive and 'archaic' as ever. He's never willing to budge, to give in, to agree with anything that isn't precisely revealed in Scripture. He doesn't allow any heterodox ideas to mingle with his and he judges other faiths by his own criterion. What a party pooper.

Truth matters. It matters because ultimate reality exists, although it may not seem plain right now. The world we're living in pretends that ultimate reality ends at the boundary of our frontal lobes. All that really exists are synapses firing creating thoughts, feelings, sentiments, and emotions. Even we Christians are living as if Jesus is just a synonym for peace, love and hope, that it's just another worldview that helps to make sense of this world that is meaningless without one. He often becomes another excuse for gathering together for feel-good sessions of song, food and banter.

But is this the way it's supposed to be? Are we living out the implications of the truth that we know. It's one thing to believe, but it's quite another to REALLY believe. I'm not sure I'm there yet, to be honest. I'm still fitting in with the general current of things. Sometimes I wish I could just wake up. Like Neo from the Matrix, or a caterpillar still in the cocoon, just wake up and see the way things really are and begin living that way.

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