Monday, April 30, 2007

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

The first girl was beautiful, a head-turner where ever she went. Tall, clear skin, gorgeous smile. Our relationship lasted a little while, then she got bored. Maybe she wanted more attention, or maybe she wanted less. One thing's for sure, when you have someone beautiful, they don't always stay that way. You get used to their appearance. They don't turn your head anymore. And with the passage of time, the beauty fades ... and fades ... and fades.

The second girl had a sense of calling. I thought she was the one. A missionary-in-the-making, full of courage and ministerial zeal. She was young and in the prime of her life, yet was willing to sacrifice it all to be where God wanted her. I found this extremely attractive. She was a person with a vision not only for her future vocation, however, but also her future partner. He was to be like this, and like that and going in the same direction. Long story short, I didn't fit the bill. I wasn't the one. Oh well, moving on...

The third girl had charm. A magnetic personality that drew me right in. I felt so comfortable around her and could actually be myself. She was entertaining in a simple and quiet way and not a lot of expectations of our friendship - which was nice for a change. However, this person glimmered of character deficiencies, and not a big lover of God. No, No, No... Enough said.

The next one ... must fear the Lord. She must be a woman of integrity and character, someone who is first a Christian before she is a romantic. I know now: Beauty, charm, and calling are secondary characteristics; they do not make the woman. They may be little extras that make the relationship exciting, but in the long run, they mean nothing. The godly woman trembles at God's word, which she has hidden in her heart. She loves with depth and acts in purity.

She is the one.

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