Sunday, September 25, 2005

Salvation is not our specialty

I’m a Calvinist. I believe that salvation has nothing to do with us, our skill in evangelism or tactics in community penetration. It is all of the Lord. God will save those whom he has predetermined in his sovereignty and love and therefore we cannot be but completely successful when we proclaim the Gospel. Why be sensitive about and tactical about it as if our style or methods were the decisive factor in a person’s coming to Christ? The problem with Arminian theology is that the burden has been placed on the shoulders of mortal and fallen humans. Suddenly God takes the backseat when it comes to our own salvation and the salvation of others (yeah yeah, my words are a little extreme). Let’s just proclaim the true and pure Gospel and leave the work up to the Holy Spirit. Is he so weak that we need to be flawless in our evangelism and apologetics in order to “win” a convert? Besides, even if we are sensitive in our presentation, the Gospel itself is totally insensitive. It bids us forsake our selves, our family, our finances, our future so that we may follow Him. After our meek presentation of the Gospel I wouldn’t be surprised if people got scared off by its demands. Let’s just preach the real deal from the beginning lest we be charged with deceit. Let’s get the job done and we can all go home.


Paul said...

Hey Dennis,

One thing I would like to point out is that in Acts, there are numerous instances where the Apostle's noted strategy is that of a "persuasive" motive.

Luke says that Paul was "persuading" them everyday in the synogogue and people were coming to the Lord by the thousands.

My point is that, yes salvation's final movement is completely up to God's providence, but at the same tolken lets not forget that we have a very significant part to play in this process as well.

As God has commanded the script, we are to play the part with conviction and much persuasion to the audience set before us.

To say it plainly, my belief is that there is some part in our evangelistic endevour that we must actively persuade people in a way that makes the gospel clear, yet very relavent to the listener.

Anyways, I miss our theological banter. Come back soon.


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