Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Shamelessness of God

God is audacious. Think about how hardcore he is in wanting to reveal himself to us in terms we can understand that he came into this world, born a human being. What might the angels in heaven thought of the Prince of Heaven gladly heeding to the request of the Father to make him known to an ignorant and obstinate people who had already received so much revelation. How shameless it is that an infinite God would confine himself in human flesh and expose himself to simple discomforts like cold and sickness, wounds and sleepiness.

Oh that we would become a little more like our maker and take a few drastically audacious steps every now and then - after all, it is not that God is like us, but that we are like God. He took the cosmological nose-dive into the dark abyss called time, matter and space. He lived the greatest life and suffered the worst death all for the thrill of his glory revealed when God would be manifested to the world in all his fullness.

Sometimes I find myself lowering my volume on a crowded bus when the topic of God comes up with friends. I find myself wanting to be accepted by people before I confront them with the truth of the gospel that they are dead in their sins and must repent. Christians in Singapore are so careful with the 'no-Christian gatherings' laws that they spent huge amounts of time and energy putting on fun and tiring activites for the community who doesn't even know that it was Christians who put it on. So, in effect whatever roads were paved with the gospel was snowed over before we weren't willing to engage society and make a name for Christ.

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