Friday, September 30, 2005

Sovereignty of God

I should get down some of these lessons learnt from my OT theology paper about the sovereignty of God in the book of Job.
1. God is supreme, in complete control over everything.
2. God never loses a bet, no matter how bad it may seem.
3. It's ok to attribute every little thing to the hand of God. He's certainly not threatened by the claim that he is ultimately (not directly) responsible for everything that happens: good, bad and ugly. I think we're more offended at that idea than God is.
4. God's looking out for our best even if he needs to find it in the crappiest of places.
5. God is much bigger, much better than we can ever know.

Here's another cool thing. I took a break from writing this paper cause i needed to go get my guitar back from my cousin who borrowed. With my head filled with material I was writing, i decided to pray that God sovereignly send the 855 bus just as i got to the stop. Surely enough... absolutely perfect timing. We hit the curb at the exact same moment. There was no pause in my cadence from walking to the bus stop to stepping on the bus.

Here's another cool thing. On my way to my cousin's place, i pray again. God, let a taxi meet me on my way back. Surely enough ... exact moment I walked onto the sidewalk. Mr Taxi is driving by, no passengers. Perfect God - perfectly illustrating in deed what i had just learned in his word . He sees, he knows. He makes things happen. This is the God you can trust in.


Paul said...

Pray that God sovereignly gives you a wife...

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