Friday, July 14, 2006

The dictionary of Male-Female dynamics (men's addition)

An attempt to define what we know yet do not know how to express.
Because there's nothing unspiritual about being honest about what makes us tick.
Because being human is a good thing.

Chemistry: the dynamic state achieved between two people whereby the parties involved are comfortable, both with themselves and each with other, yet a force of attraction and curosity causes each to probe subtley into one another's psyche, and they love what they find.

Attraction (for guys): an irrational, instantaneous sensation stimulated by the presence and sight of a beautiful female form; further stimulated by hope or confidence that the female will respond positively and alluringly to his advances.

The Levels of Beauty from the male perspective:

1. Fugly - When a male perceives that few or no attractive genes have been inherited from the parental generation; visually repulsive. Men, beware of slander and mocking.

2. Homely - When certain key traits in the female form are considered abnormal or unshapely causing the overall figure to seem less than pleasing visually.

3. Average - A figure that evokes neither repugnance nor a second glace; having features that are plain or subtle; personality may have a great influence on possible attraction. Figure will tend to be either scrawny or slightly chubby.

4. Cute - Face is symmetrical and inviting, projecting a babyish roundness and innocence. Figure is shapely with no obvious extremes in appendage size; a type of figure evoking a hug-response. An unreasonable personality can often be written off with these looks. Men, beware of manipulation.

5. Pretty - Face and figure is symmetrical, shapely and healthy-looking; almost always warrants a second glance and apprepriation. Attention has been given to ensure that features are well groomed and evoke slight arousal. Unacceptable personality is very often insignificant in light of these looks.

6. Hot - Female possesses classically attractive features and has taken great pains to highlight her features (namely, the face, breasts, butt and legs) with external beauty products and erotic clothing. Her attempts, however, do have profound pay offs. Men, beware of lust.

7. Beautiful - the highest and most rare level of beauty. These females exhibit an external attractiveness, but also deep inner glow or 'presence'. Expression of godliness and character is essential and inseparable from the superficial display; both work in harmony and synergistically to enhance the other's traits. Men, find her!!

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Wei Chiang said...

Haha. The way you complicated language you use to explain such simple stuff is interesting. Stick and make do with what you have or you dont get anything at all. Level 7 all the way :D