Tuesday, July 18, 2006

psalm of lament

There is always something more I can give to You
I can sing sweeter to You, play better for You,
shout louder, jump higher, raise my hands longer, bow lower, cry harder
And it would never come close to reflecting Your worth
It would be as touching the tattered edge of Your sandal
Much less serving the train of Your robe

In my fallenness am I forever bound
Bound to the fear of others, my clouded vision, my unbelief
I would pour oil unto Your altar,
only to regret it and sweep it back into my jar.
I've heard of one who would sacrifice his son to You
because he knew You and trusted You
Could I do the same?

In You I live and move and breathe
In Christ I have everything I need
Yet in worshipping You, in feelings do I lean.
And reflect Your praise only on things that I have seen.

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